Moral thief! Gives $200 After Gun Invasion in US Homes The assets were not taken.

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Moral thief! Gives $200 After Gun Invasion in US Homes The assets were not taken.

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A homeowner in theทาง เข้า sabai99US state of New slotxo online games, that's not enough. Singapore gambling website It also comes with an excellent financial security system. The same way that banks all over the world use (3D Secure), which gives you the peace of mind that you can bet with us, a website straight from Singapore. Get 100% sure money Mexico was twice stunned after the incident last weekend. At first the thief appeared inside the house armed with an AR-15 rifle, but later apologized. along with giving $200 to the homeowner for damage compensation. and fled in shame

Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office new mexico Get notified of a home invasion The suspect was a male, about 180 centimeters tall and about 20 years old. When I got home and found the man sleeping, showering, eating and sipping beer in his own home,

The owner of the house continued that The man was also armed with an AR-15 rifle, but was not intimidated by it. He didn't take any jewels, jewelry, or other belongings with him. He also gave the homeowner $200 ($6,600) to repair the windows he had broken.

Meanwhile, the suspect also briefly shared his own life story to the homeowner. Said he was escaping someone. and his family were killed in eastern Texas. and his car broke down on the way. Outside of Santa Fe

The landlord testified to officials that the suspect was extremely ashamed and apologized to the landlord about the situation. Before leaving the house with his pillow bag and a firearm, he walked down a ditch where the damage was said to have been estimated to be around $15 (about 500 baht).

Officers rushed to the house at the scene of the accident and searched through the ditch. But the suspect was not found in any way.